Australian Dispute Resolvers help you resolve your dispute in minimal time and at least cost. We are a national dispute resolution service, with qualified and experienced practitioners in every State and in every dispute process area. Dispute Resolvers are a small group of highly experienced and credentialed dispute resolution specialists. Most are lawyers who were early adopters of alternative dispute resolution and who have practised as mediators and arbitrators for over 10 (some 20) years. As members of government tribunals they have conducted thousands of conciliation and arbitration processes assisting parties with both the collaborative resolution and adjudication of their dispute, including preparation of a written decision. They are commercially astute and experienced. Many are adept at ADR – aggressive dispute resolution. Their mediation styles span the range from Transformative to Settlement. And they are available to assist with your dispute, either individually or as a team. To lodge an enquiry – which we will promptly respond to, submit your information here: Help with your Dispute