Do you have experience in dispute resolution processes?

Are you interested in expanding your dispute resolution practice?

Do you want to be part of a group to share experiences and marketing efforts?

As a national dispute resolution service, Australian Dispute Resolvers needs qualified and experienced practitioners in every State and in every dispute process.

Australian Dispute Resolvers is a small group of highly experienced and credentialed dispute resolvers. Most are lawyers who were early adopters of alternative dispute resolution and who have practised as mediators and arbitrators for many years. As members of government tribunals they have conducted thousands of conciliation and arbitration processes.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a Dispute Resolver then fill out the application form at right and send it to us.  Once we have your details and areas of experience we will contact you to discuss your circumstances, interests and opportunities.

Membership Packages*

We provide three types of membership with different levels of benefits. Unlike membership bodies that have hundred of members and do not promote any one individual, we are a small, commercially focussed and marketing oriented group that delivers the highest quality dispute resolution services.

Try It Out  For those individuals selected to join, we will list your name and details on the website and include you within all of the searches. You can have a single general listing, but we do not list your phone number or email contact details.

Professional Listing  We provide a full professional practice support. We give you priority listing of your name as well as listing your phone, fax and email contacts, so that enquirers can contact you directly. You have the ability to provide multiple profiles for each of your areas of practice, up to five different ones as well as your general profile. When someone searches for a Family Dispute resolver or a Personal Injury specialist you can deliver a specialised response detailing your particular expertise in that field. We can also supply you with a dispute resolver’s email, in the form <>.

Market Your Practice  If you are ready to market yourself as a professional dispute resolver or want to keep your dispute resolution practice separate from your main business activity we can provide all the support you need, including (currently only available in Sydney and Melbourne, but in other cities by request) the following package of services:

  • Unlimited multiple profiles
  • Personalised Dispute Resolver’s email
  • Letterhead and Business card templates and graphics, so that you can market yourself under the Dispute Resolver’s banner.
  • A dedicated business phone number in the commercial CBD exchange
  • Computerised telephone answering (in your own voice if you prefer) and digital recording of all voice messages
  • Voice to email messaging. All recorded calls are immediately and automaticaly send to any email address you choose. You can access your messages on any device that can connect to the internet (iPhone, iPad, PC or similar) any where in the world, at any time.

Member Marketing

How do people find out about you?  The Dispute Resolvers website is already the top rating site in Australia for dispute resolvers. Try it yourself by searching for the term “dispute resolvers” in Google.

We offer more than just a place to list your name and details of your experience.  Internet marketing means providing information about what you have done and what you can do, not just who you are.  The best way to provide this information is through publishing short, informative articles. That is why we are in the process of building out a companion site, that provides information about the practice of Dispute Resolution, visit

We aim to make this the “authority site” for dispute resolution in Australia.  Here we publish short (800-1200 words) informative and helpful articles on a range of dispute resolution topics. We can publish your articles and link them back directly to your profile page at Dispute Resolvers.

Many people use Google to find out information and obtain advice about things they need help with.  They are not searching for you but your information.  By writing articles that precisely explain a particular area (dealing say with farm debt mediation in NSW, or Victoria) they will find your article and so they will find you. Simple.

The more you publish, the more chances that someone in Australia will see and read what you have to say.  Little by little you can develop yourself as an authority in Easements or Wills or Family disputes. Maybe you already are but the only people who may know that are your existing clients.  We provide the infrastructure and support to market your expertise and availability, to a wider range of potential clients, Australia-wide.

*We reserve the right to change or vary our service offerings at any time.